WTVM 8/29/12 Editorial: Carmike Security

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - How safe do you feel at the movie theater these days?

With recent events in mind, do you think it is time to have security checks at the movies?

People were killed in Colorado and more recently a man was stopped at our own Carmike Cinema trying to carry a weapon into theater.

That was a great job done by Carmike security to spot that suspicious bag, but can we depend on random events like that to keep us safe all the time?

It sometimes takes too long now to get into my seat at the movies and I know security checks would make that process take even longer.

What price should we pay for our own safety? They do it at college football games with 80 to 100,000 people and I don't mind at all. It is just a quick check of bags but it does give me a greater sense of security.

It is too bad we even have to have these conversations, but the world is full of crazy people.

I hope the movie industry is having serious conversations about their responsibility to protect their patrons, allowing them think about nothing but enjoying the great movie experience we all expect.

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