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WTVM 8/30/12 Editorial: College Football


It's the time of year people in our area have been waiting for since February - the start of the college football season!

The goal is to win, and the Southeastern Conference has made an art of that, crowning six straight national champions.

That streak seems to have lead to a lot of hate for the SEC and the South in general. A recent cover of ESPN magazine proclaimed "Curse the SEC!" and quote "enough already."

People north of the Mason-Dixon Line or west of the Mississippi River have taken the opportunity to make fun of the South, referring to us as redneck frenzied football fans who treat the sport like a religion.

In reality, SEC fans are just normal people who happen to be very passionate about their college football.

They show up 90,000 strong to stadiums to cheer on Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, or their favorite team.

Football is also serious business in these parts. A Google search for "I hate the SEC" produces nearly seven million results.

Non-SEC folks are just jealous of our success. So I say, embrace the pride! You have the bragging rights, until someone else wins that title.

You still have permission to have fun, be football crazy and support your team! And still have respect for your opponents.



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