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Voters overhaul Phenix City, city council


A retired teacher and former Alabama football star will now be two of the top leaders in Phenix City.

A day after winning at the polls, Phenix City mayor-elect Eddie Lowe and soon-to-be district two council-woman Gail Head say they're fired up and ready to go.

"I'm excited about the people that are going in.  Chris and Eddie, I'm just thrilled to death about being with them," said newly elected district two council member Gail Head.

In a city where nearly half the population is African American, Lowe became Phenix City's first ever black mayor.

He'll be replacing long-time mayor Sonny Coulter. "The foundation that I hope that we can build here in Phenix City is based on two solid foundations: values and morality. Once we do that, I think everything else will rise up for the entire city," said mayor-elect Eddie Lowe.

"I know his heart.  I know how good and how dedicated and how honest and decent he is.  I'm just real excited about Eddie being there," said Head.

Head is also excited about replacing Michelle Walker as District two council member.  She says the first item on her to-do list is learn the ropes.

"We will go in and look and evaluate.  I have a lot to learn but I'm a good student and I'm going to hit the ground running," said Head.

She is new to politics. Head served as an elementary teacher in Phenix City for more than 30 years.

"I think they were looking for fresh new faces.  I've been a public servant all my life. This is not going to be something entirely new to me.  I'm here to serve the people of this city," Head said.

Serving others is a skill Lowe says he learned as a lineman on the University of Alabama's football team, coached by Paul "Bear" Bryant.

"It's about team work.  It's about giving of yourself, making the people around you look good and that's what I want to continue to do; I try to live that life every day."

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