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Columbus community in disbelief after mother shot to death in-front of children


Blood stained carpet, bullet holes, and a room in disarray are what's left in a 24th Street apartment.

It's where Columbus mother of four, 27-year-old Ryeika Ingersoll was shot to death Sunday afternoon.

"There were three roommates, Bud, Paul, and Jerald. Sometimes,  [Bud]  would talk to my son and Paul about the relationship that they had [with Ingersoll] and what they were going through and he really wanted to be with her," said Yolanda Johnson, a family friend.

Johnson is talking about her son's best friend, 24-year-old Stanley LeSure, known by family and friends as "Bud". LeSure was the father of Ingersoll's youngest child.

"They had issues for a long time," Johnson said. "He would tell me all the time, 'Ms. Johnson, I'm tired; I'm just tired."

Johnson says LeSure and Ingersoll had a very rocky relationship for years.  It was after a night of partying with friends Ingersoll went to LeSure's house to spend the night.

'I don't know if he was asking her about what went or he had heard something. He was trying to talk to her and have a conversations but she wouldn't talk to him," Johnson said.  Columbus detectives say the couple got into an argument the next day.

With three of Ingersoll's children and two other adults in the home, LeSure shot Ingersoll multiple times, then turned the gun on himself.

"[Her son] said daddy shot mommy.  They all saw what happened," Johnson said.  

Johnson says Ingersoll's best friend grabbed a child and jumped out of a window.  Neighbors say they saw the friend running down the street screaming for help.

Ingersoll died on the scene. LeSure was taken to the Medical Center where he died from the self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

"…out of character. I would've never thought-. I wish that he would've talked to somebody, got some counseling or something."

Ingersoll's children are ages two, four, seven, and eight. Her oldest son's birthday is Monday, one day after her death.

We spoke with Ingersoll's family who says they are going to have his birthday party as planned; they know it's what she would've wanted.

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