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Trial Day 2: Officers testify about stopping Kareem Lane on the night of murder

Kareem Lane Kareem Lane

News Leader 9 was in court for the second day of the Kareem Lane trial. Lane is accused of killing Muscogee County Superintendent Jim Burns 20 years ago.

There were some heated moments in court between the prosecution and defense teams. At one point in the trial, jurors had to be sent out while the defense argued over the objection.

Jurors heard from two officers who stopped Lane on the road on the night of Burns' murder.

An officer testified in court that Lane was sweating really badly on his back and he thought it was odd because it was 40 degrees outside at the time. The officer added when he searched Lane, he had a flash light on him.

A second officer who pulled Lane over testified that night was chilly and he also found it odd that Lane was sweating. He included in his testimony that Lane did not try to run away from them.

Tuesday a neighbor told the courtroom she saw a man wearing a cloth mask and a long-sleeved shirt. One of the officers who pulled him over testified in court Wednesday they never found a mask or a long-sleeved shirt. He says Lane was wearing a short-sleeved shirt.

Burns was stabbed to death with a hunting knife by a burglar at his home on Broadway in October of 1992.

Lane was arrested at his Alabama home in 2010 after a retest of DNA left behind on the murder weapon revealed his DNA and Jim Burns'.

News Leader 9 is following this case. We'll have the latest developments from court as soon as it becomes available.

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