Idle Hour Park overpopulated with geese

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - People in Phenix City have been worried some of their favorite Idle Hour Park wildlife might not be around much longer.

Phenix City Parks and Recreation director Todd Hughes has received multiple complaints about the geese posing a nuisance and a danger to park-goers.

To solve the problem, the city has asked the federal government, who oversees the birds, to step in and do something.

We asked residents about possibly seeing the birds go.

"I like them," said Terence Hall, who frequents Idle Park. "I bring my daughter out here once a week to feed them, play with the ducks, let her run around, run away with the stuff. But, I like them, I like them. I don't think they should go anywhere."

"I like them except for the poop," said Carmen Tubbs. "You've got to walk around the poop and keep looking down to make sure you're not smashing them."

Officials say the problem began with people feeding the geese, throwing off their need to migrate.

They expect to hear back from the USDA by mid-October on a solution.

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