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Be There: keeping kids healthy during the school year


For some kids, going to school can mean getting sick. Some experts say it is hard to avoid with all the children in one classroom for most of the day.

"There are germs where they are lots of children. There just are. There is no way to get around that," said Darlene Shirley, Lead Nurse for the Muscogee County School District.

Shirley said kids may get sick more the first few weeks of school, but there are ways parents can help their kids fight off germs.

"Teach them not to just sneeze into their hand, but to sneeze into their arm so that it doesn't spray everywhere when they sneeze," said Shirley.

Fourth grade student Khaleel Hawkins said he knows what to do to not get sick.

"After I get done eating, I wash my hands, and after I get done touching a pet or something I wash my hands," said Hawkins

Shirley agreed and said there is a fun way you can teach your kids how long they need to wash their hands.

"If you do that to the Happy Birthday song for young children about two times, and that is about enough time to get their hands clean," said Hawkins

Shirley said you can keep your child in the classroom and not the doctor's office by making sure they get enough sleep at night. Shirley suggested about eight to ten hours each night. She also said you need to make sure your children are eating five servings of vegetables and fruits every day and exercising.

Hawkins said he wants to make sure he does not get sick.

"Because I like school," said Hawkins.

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