Federal grant to help tornado victims

Federal grant to help tornado victims

(WTVM) - For Alabamans still on the road to recovery from the 2011 April tornadoes comes some welcome news from the Department of Economic and Community Affairs.

ADECA has made about $8 million in funds available to help families rebuild.

The cash comes from the federal government and the state has been approved to use the money to assist families having trouble getting financial aid.

"Basically, in a nutshell it makes available $25,000 to each eligible household," said Jim Byard, director of ADECA. "So think about those numbers again. 6,000 homes. 1,200 mobile homes, 300 apartments. $25,000 for each eligible household."

Officials say the money can help people who didn't know how to access aid immediately after the killer tornadoes, and people who had insufficient insurance to rebuild or repair.

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