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9/7/12 WTVM EDITORIAL: WTVM.com will continue to be free


The business of providing news and information has sure changed over the course of my career.

We were shooting and editing 16mm film when I started and now we deliver news in many different ways.

One of the most popular and effective delivery systems today is the internet. It allows news organizations to pass information along to you accurately and instantaneously.

All of our reporters and producers post stories online all day, every day.

Print organizations do the same but now they are telling you you have to pay for that service.

The Opelika-Auburn paper has been charging for internet for a while and the Ledger-Enquirer in Columbus just announced they will be charging you to access their website as well.

There is still good news however. WTVM.com has always been free and will continue to be free.

Get all the news and information you need 24/7 from wtvm.com and our mobile site. No charge!


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