City of Auburn to renovate downtown parking

City of Auburn to renovate downtown parking

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Parking in downtown Auburn is in high demand, especially on weekends and game days.

Recently, voters in Auburn voted to spend money got a new parking project in the downtown area. The city recently acquired property on Gay Street to construct additional parking.

"We're looking at adding ultimately almost 100 new parking spaces in a couple of different phases of the project. On Gay Street we will be demolishing the Auburn Bank drive-through property and some adjacent buildings as soon as Auburn Bank relocated to their new facility," explains Auburn Assistant City Manager, Kevin Cowper.

Temporary parking will be added right away with around 65 new spots to get through this school year and football season. Next summer a new permanent parking lot on Gay Street will be constructed to add 80 to 90 new spaces.

"After that, we'll do some additional improvements to the parking area that's between the existing parking deck and the back of the buildings on College Street and Magnolia Avenue. That will become a dual purpose parking venue were folks can gather and enjoy weekends in Auburn," says Cowper.

Auburn residents like Paula Lord, know the frustration game day traffic can bring and is in favor of this new city project.

"Parking is a real problem. I live off Gay Street and so there are cars going every which way and we try to go the opposite way during game day. It can be a real nightmare," explains Lord.

Lord also believes this project will attract more business to area merchants.

"Any extra spaces would be good, so I hope that it would be beneficial. Also, we want to bring business to the local merchants. The restaurants, the shops and everyone benefits from it when people come into town."

The date for the final completion of the parking project is set for the summer of 2014.

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