Ferst Foundation makes its mark in Muscogee County

Ferst Foundation makes its mark in Muscogee County

(WTVM) - A successful reading program is making its mark in Muscogee County.

The Ferst Foundation started six months ago in Columbus. Now local volunteers are hoping to see the profound results other Georgia counties are experiencing.

Every month, Krystal Williams, a mother of three young boys, can count on the postman delivering a brand new book to her mailbox.

Krystal doesn't pay for the books. They are free of charge. She only had to register for the Ferst Foundation, a non-profit childhood literacy program.

"It's so convenient," Williams said. "The books are coming straight to your front door, for the kids, it helps them develop their language development. It's very beneficial."

Krystal and her boys have Robin Ferst to thank for the receiving the free books. Ferst started the program 12 years ago in Morgan County, Georgia.

"Actually their kindergarten reading readiness has grown from 46 percent to 90 percent and the CRCT scores, especially those critical grades, 3rd, 5th and 8th, have increased dramatically," explained Jenny Badcock.

Badcock, a retired teacher, volunteers for the foundation. She works alongside former senior VP of marketing for Aflac, Warren Steele who raised his hand to bring the program to the children of Muscogee County.

"To stop the cycle of poverty and illiteracy which lead to crime, we've got to educate our children better," stated Steele.

He also has a mathematical plan for contributions to help the foundation reach its goal.

"There are 85,000 working people in Muscogee County. If 10 percent of the workers in Columbus would give $28, that would provide books for a year for 8500 Children.

That means more than half of the 14,000 children ages five and under whom live in Muscogee County can get free books, just like Malik.--and help them to become successful readers.

To register to receive books or to make a donation to the Ferst Foundation, click here.

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