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Criminals prey on generosity on 9/11 anniversary


Americans will never forgot the moment when the World Trade Towers were struck by terrorism.

The tragedy brought people from all over the country together to help one another.

People raised thousands of dollars to help families of the victims of the 9/11, but many criminals also preyed on their generosity and they still do years after the attacks.

The Better Business Bureau in Columbus has some tips on how to protect yourself.

Leonard Crain with the Better Business Bureau said 11 years after the towers tumbled con artists are still running scams.

Crain said, "Criminals use those events to elevate their appeals to folks who might donate money to a charity."

With the internet, crooks don't have to knock on your door to solicit.

Crain said, "The con man isn't just down the street anymore with the world wide web, they can spam you into your inbox."

With the simple click of the wrong link, Crain explained how your personal information is in their hands.

He commented, "If that email comes in and there's a link there don't click on those links. The links can download viruses into your computer and when that happens they can track your financial transactions and that kind of thing."

Crain said investigate before you donate, check with the BBB, IRS and make sure the agency has an active board of directors.

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