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Allergist weighs in on possible effects of mold at Midland Academy

There have been many concerned parents at Midland Academy, worried about their children being exposed to high levels of mold.

One of those parents is Pamela Lee, who has a child whose classroom is in the 500 wing, which contains the highest levels of mold. 

"This is her first year, she's in Pre-K so she came from a daycare setting and now I'm already super nervous mom because she's in Pre-K, and then for this to happen of course I freaked out," Lee said.

News Leader 9 obtained the mold report from Midland Academy, which we presented to Dr. Robert Cartwright, an allergist immunologist in Columbus, to see how it could be affecting your children. 

Dr. Cartwright explains that even though the mold seems bad, he believes that the children should be alright after reviewing the mold report from Midland Academy.

"While it is a concern and absolutely something that needs to be handled, I don't think the children are in great danger, given the fact that the mold levels inside are actually far less than outside," Dr. Cartwright said.

Dr. Cartwright explains that even though most children will be fine, some prone to allergies may suffer some mild side effects.   

Midland Academy hopes to have these classrooms contracted out by the end of the month. 

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