Goodwill Southern Rivers planning to expand

Goodwill Southern Rivers planning to expand

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus-based organization is showing some good will with major expansion and new jobs in our area.

Goodwill Southern Rivers will open five new retail stores in Georgia and east Alabama in the next six months. The first will open in December at Cross Country Plaza off Macon Road.

The Columbus Goodwill plans to add 150 jobs, and they've already doubled the number of people with disabilities they train at success centers. The non-profit organization also has ambitious goals for 2016.

"We'll increase our locations from eight to 12, which is another 71 percent growth," said Jane Nichols, president and CEO of Goodwill Southern Rivers. "Our people served will grow at least another 10,000 from 27,000 to 37,000."

Angelique Short is one of seven-thousand people getting job training at Goodwill this year.

"My ultimate goal is to gain employment and take care of myself with a paycheck," Short said.

Nichols said Goodwill does a lot more than just accept your donations, but cleaning out your closet helps them continue to operate.

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