New DNA results exclude Jim Burn's wife as a contributor

New DNA excludes Jim Burn's wife as a contributor

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Kareem Lane murder trial got heated Wednesday as attorneys from both sides pressed their points on new DNA results from the victim's widow Stella Burns Butler.

The prosecution argued it had every right to conduct the test after hearing the defense's strategy.

Butler was swabbed for samples on Monday in a witnesses room at the courthouse after the defense raised issues on Friday about why the state failed to seek DNA samples from Butler the night her husband, Jim Burns, a Muscogee County superintendent was stabbed to death inside their Columbus home.

But, defense attorney Stacey Jackson, said, "They could have told me they were planning to conduct a DNA test before today. I have worked in that office (District Attorney) and everybody in their probably has my cell phone."

Jackson stressed he would have stopped his forensic expert from living town for California to cross examine Katherine Cross, from Guardian Forensic Sciences in Pennsylvania.

In the end, Judge Bobby Peter decided to allow the results before offering to delay the trial for two days and even fly Jackson's witness back to Columbus—all to give the defense ample time to prepare.

Jackson refused to answer the judge's question as to whether or not he needed more time and replied, "We are ready to proceed".

Cross took the stand and testified Butler is excluded from contributing to the mixed profile found on the knife. She also stated it's still inconclusive as to whether Lane's blood was on the murder weapon.

Lane was 17 years old  the night Burns was stabbed to death.  Lane was questioned back in 1992 but wasn't arrested until 2 years ago for the murder of Jim Burns. 

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