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Pastor centers sermon series on politics


The clock is ticking.

In just a few months, millions of Americans all across the country will head to the polls picking the presidential candidate they feel is the best for the job.

Looking ahead to the 2012 election, Pastor Jay Bailey in Midland is taking his sermons at Solid Rock Church to new heights by explaining how a person's faith can and should impact their politics.

"I really wanted to do a series of messages to inform, empower, and educate our people as to the urgency and to the mandate to involve oneself in the political process," Bailey said.

His sermon series, called "The Patriots Path," may be viewed as controversial to some, but Pastor Jay said he's preaching about the constitution and power of the people in this "one nation under God."

"We are in this for the uplift of America so that everyone can succeed and pursue their dreams according to the dictates of their own arts," Bailey said.

Both President Barack Obama and GOP opponent Mitt Romney have expressed their religious beliefs but don't typically mix them with their political agendas. Pastor Jay said that religious beliefs help shape political opinion.

Still, some say politics and religion are like vinegar and oil and shouldn't go together at all. Pastor Jay, a native Jamaican, says his main goal is to help people make smart decisions for the United States.

"It grieves me to see the struggle and despair in Americans trying to make a living, trying to raise their children," Bailey said. "Americans want to live in peace and they want to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

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