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Woman finds her dog shot in her backyard


Kim Hightower says she normally leaves her two dogs outside in her fenced-in backyard at her Columbus home when she goes to work.

However, when she came home for lunch on Wednesday, Tanner, her miniature dachshund had a large cut over his eye and she rushed him to the vet.

"He started cleaning it and as he got the blood off of it, he said he has been shot with a pellet gun and pulled the pellet out," said Hightower.

Hightower says even though Tanner will be okay she still cannot believe anyone would shoot her dog or any dog with a pellet gun.

"They can't defend themselves, especially an animal that is trapped in the back yard. He can't even really get away," said Hightower.

This comes after a Fort Benning woman says someone broke into her home over the weekend and killed her dog with a bottle of Raid.

Both incidents are bringing attention to animal cruelty in our area.

"Cruelty can be construed as someone not giving an animal proper food and water or shelter or it can be someone as severe as physical abuse of the animal," said Drale Short, Division Manager of Special Enforcement.

Short says Columbus Animal Care and Control sees animal cruelty cases on a daily basis.

However, she says cases involving pellet guns, like in Tanner's case, are not common.

For now, Hightower just wants answers.

"If the person in my neighborhood who has a problem with my dog and sees this and wants to give me an anonymous note and tell me what their problem is and how I can fix it that would be great too because I really don't want my dogs to be in jeopardy or anyone else's dogs or their cats," said Hightower.

Tanner is being treated with a topical anti-biotic and he is expected to be okay in a few days.

Hightower says she will no longer allow her dogs to go out into the backyard unsupervised.

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