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Defense, prosecution rests; Kareem Lane to learn his fate soon


Both the defense and prosecution rested their case Friday after two weeks of testimony and over 200 pieces of evidence were presented to jurors.

Day 8 of the Kareem Lane trial began early Friday when the prosecution called witness Nancy Boren to the stand without notifying the defense ahead of time. 

The defense, Stacey Jackson says Boren was not on the original witness list and it's not his fault the prosecution "did not adequately prepare for trial" by calling Boren to the stand last minute. 

Although, the judge called the prosecution's actions "unusual" he allowed Boren to testify as a rebuttal witness. 

In 1992, Boren served as deputy coroner alongside Coroner Don Kilgore. There has been a mystery surrounding a pair of glasses left at the crime scene. Boren testified, after processing the scene, Coroner Kilgore expressed he was irritated his glasses fell out of his pocket at the crime scene. However, during cross-examination, Boren stated she was unable to say for sure the glasses at the crime scene belonged to Kilgore.

The prosecution stated the defense is trying to imply the glasses belonged to the killer, not the coroner. 

Closing arguments were also heard Friday.  The state says they are not required to prove "why" Lane would kill Burns but "whether he killed "Burns". The defense says there is not one eyewitness placing Lane on Front Avenue the night of the murder. 

Lane, 17 at the time, was questioned on the night of the murder in 1992.  He was arrested two years ago and charged in connection to the 1992 stabbing death of Muscogee County Superintendent Jim Burns.

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