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Mother wants answers after son killed in officer involved shooting


Michael Love the mother of Tony Carr stood hand in hand with members of the NAACP Friday evening to remember and pay homage to her son.

"I'm hurting and I'm tired and I'm sick and I'm tired, I'm tired you hear me. How are they going to go on with this paying a man a whole year for killing my son and the robber?" Love said.

Love is in Columbus seeking justice after her son was gunned down a year ago when a Columbus Police Officer saw a masked man run out of the back door of the MEA Federal Credit Union.

Officials told us he chased after the alleged bank robber, Alrahiem Tolbert, and later found him in front of a home in a dark colored truck with another man, Tony Carr. Both men were killed after an officer involved shooting.

Love told News Leader 9 that she met with District Attorney Julia Slater to find out when her son's case would be handed over to the grand jury now she says she is told that it won't happen anytime soon.

"She has to evaluate some more when she already has three investigations and thousands of pages that don't make since considering that when it's cut and dry. I' am not even an FBI agent but I had since enough to read and understand what happened."

Love says that District Attorney Slater told her that a "Legal Snag" has the case tied up and more investigations had to continue.

"All we want is justice for Columbus and quit prolonging it just get it over with so I can have some peace do you hear me?" Love said.

Neighbors and several witnesses that we spoke to in the area a year ago were at Friday night's vigil still standing by their word that Tony Carr was an innocent man.

Two weeks ago Julia Slater told us that the case was being looked into and that she would release more information at the appropriate time.

The officer involved in the shooting, Vincent Lockhart is on paid administrative leave.

"They need to clear my son's name you know my son wasn't a bank robber, if he had of been a bank robber or they told me he got burned up I could have excused that I would have been hurt but I'm not as hurt as I am now," Carr said. 

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