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Jury deliberates in Kareem Lane Trial, verdict expected soon


Monday, a jury will decide the fate of Kareem Lane. Jurors started deliberating a littleafter 10:00 a.m., but their first task is to assign a foreman. They will also haveaccess to all 200 pieces of evidence.

The defense noted the evidence was displayed in a collage-likemanner rather than in brown paper bags. Apparently, jurors requested they receive aneasel in order to view evidence.

Friday, both the defense and prosecution rested their case after two weeks oftestimony. Nancy Boren was called to the stand, but according to defense, shewas not on the original witness list. The judge allowed Boren to testify.

In 1992,Boren served as a deputy coroner alongside Don Kilgore. There was a mysterysurrounding a pair of glasses left at the scene. After cross-examination, Borenstate she could not say for sure if the glasses found at the crime scenebelonged to Kilgore.

Lane was 17 at the time of the 1992 murder. He was arrested two years ago andcharged in the stabbing death of Muscogee County Superintendent Jim Burns.

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