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Columbus gets ready for record-breaking iPhone release


Apple is the most valuable company in the world, and the whole world was watching when they announced the iPhone 5 last week.

It looks like everyone went online to order the phone too, more than doubling the pre-orders of last years 4S in just 24 hours.

Those aren't the only people looking to pick up the latest Apple gadget though.

The AT&T store in Columbus is preparing for urban campers.

"I've actually been through, this'll be the sixth iPhone launch that I've been through and every year people start lining up Thursday evening, afternoon, and we open Friday morning at 8 o'clock," said Katrina Perrymand, the retail sales manager for a Columbus AT&T store.

But what exactly are they getting?

The iPhone 5 features a lighter weight model that can finally get a 4G LTE connection.

It also has a faster processor, letting you breeze through the internet, along with a larger four-inch screen.

Those features put the iPhone on par with some of the other Android phones on the market, but is that enough to get Columbus residents excited?

Senetria Hammond sure is.

"All iPhones are good, but 5 looks like it's going to be the best. I know I'm going to get it!" Hammond said.

With a new iPhone release, that means old iPhones get a little bit cheaper.

You can pick up last year's iPhone 4S for about $100 and the iPhone 4 for a grand total of $.99 with a contract.

If you're looking to get rid of your old phone to help pay for the new one, you can visit sites like where an iPhone 4S will get you about $150.

Is our iPhone user planning on joining the crowds on Friday morning?

"Yes, I would. I have before. Not for a phone but I think for some shoes," said Hammond.

There's no concrete information on local sales but reps tell us they expect the record-breaking sales to carry over here in the "Fountain City."

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