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Board approves fewer furlough days in Muscogee County


It is one of the biggest budget decisions the school board has made in the last four years. It can undo what many thought couldn't be undone, and that's reduce the number of furlough days in Muscogee County by two.

Muscogee County School Board member John Wells led the efforts to find money locally to cover what the state had initially cut out of the yearly budget.

"If we are able to look in our budget and find a way that we can from programs that we are discounting are some other ways we can save money and we can add a day or two back to the teachers so they will get paid more days then that is what we do," Wells said.

To find the money, the board pulled from salaries of open positions that they decided not to fill and also by cutting literacy programs that were not as a whole very effective for students.

"We did find enough in the budget so we asked for a revised budget tonight that we would be able to pay the teachers two days back out of that furlough out of local funds," Wells said.

Wells says the days will immediately be added back to the calendar of the current school year bringing the number of furlough days from 5 to 3 and restoring the number of days for students to 180 days.

One of the days will be an in-session work day while the other will be an actual school day. Faculty and staff will be paid for both of these days.

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