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Harris County Sheriff's office accused of mishandling funds


At Tuesday night's Harris County commission meeting Dan Colberg, who works with a local law enforcement agency, told commissioners he did his own investigation into reports on the Harris County jail's inmate phone service, seized vehicles by the Sheriff's office, and inmate commissary.

He says he found an estimated $2.8 million in money that has not been accounted for.

"The commissioners again do not have any copies of paper work revenues monies received, receipts deposits, or accounts," Colberg said.

We took this independent investigation by Colberg to Sheriff Mike Jolley. After reading documents from Colberg Sheriff Jolley told News Leader 9 that there was no way the Harris County Sheriff's office ever had this much money to transact, and that Mister Colberg has to be mistaken.

"Its a prime example of someone not knowing the system and making an assumption that money that is coming in is going out in a way that it shouldn't go out," Sheriff Mike Jolley said.

Colberg told commissioners that Inmate Phone services at the Harris County jail brought in nearly $300,000, while the inmate commissary made a little over $1.2 million, and vehicles seized during drug stops and raids also totaling $1.2 million giving us the $2.8 million that Colberg says is not accounted for.

Sheriff Jolley showed us a number of receipts and state and federal logs. He says money from the commissary is audited every year. The Harris County Commissioner Board told Colberg that they would be looking into his allegations against the sheriff's office.

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