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Good Evening from Barbara Gauthier in the WTVM Newsroom.  Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for News Leader 9 at 11.

Marking the Anniversary of Troy Davis' Execution

One year after Troy Davis was executed for killing Columbus native and Savannah police officer Mark Macphail, anti death penalty forces gathered to mark the anniversary.  Meantime Macphail's mother looks back a year after she says her son's killer was brought to justice.

Meriwether County Jury Acquits Accused Baby Killer

A man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend's toddler in 2010 has been cleared of the charges.  We've got the latest from the courtroom.

Experts:  Romney's Tax Return Don't Show Much

Some experts on tax law say Mitt Romney's release of his 2011 tax returns today doesn't do much to shed light on his finances.  We've tell you what the returns did reveal and have the latest from the campaign trail today.

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