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Murder-for-hire trial Day 2: Judge may suppress videotaped interviews


Gripping testimony and courtroom drama unfolded in the Lisa Graham murder-for-hire trial Monday when things got testy just before the lunch break.   

The defendant is accused of masterminding her daughter's death.

The victim's childhood friend, Amber Bowman and Stephanie Shae Graham's grandmother had words that attracted attention.

"When I was sitting in court and they were talking about the drug use and all the things that that was the reason why her mother had her killed, her grandmother actually said, ‘Yes and her friends.' and I turned around and I told her please don't do this right now," said Bowman.  

The spat didn't last long, but the deputy made it known the two must now sit apart in the courtroom. 

When court resumed around 1:30 Monday afternoon, the prosecution began calling more witnesses. Key testimony came from a former neighbor of Lisa Graham.   

Rachel Barbara Cunningham says she was at Lisa Graham's Westside Drive home just days before Shae Graham was found shot death on Bowden Road in Cottonton five years ago. 

Cunningham told the court she overheard Lisa Graham and the killer, Kenny Walton talking about the best method to kill Shea Graham.

Cunningham stated Lisa said "The less messy way to do it, do we need to shoot her or hit her with a car."

The defense tried to poke holes in Cunningham's testimony by grilling her on the date and time she says she heard the conversation. 

They asked questions about why she went the Graham home to comfort the Lisa Graham if she already knew Lisa had planned to get rid of Shae.  

The prosecution plans to show, the motive in the case was to remove the issues Lisa Graham faced in dealing with Shae's longtime drug problem and the financial burden Shae allegedly put on the family having to bail her out jail constantly and stealing from her parents.

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