Some taxi drivers worry about safety after weekend murder

Some taxi drivers worry about safety after weekend murder

COLUMBUS, GA - As a local family is still mourning the loss of a Columbus taxi cab driver and father of ten, many people are questioning the safety of other taxi drivers in our community.

The drivers we spoke to say the murder of 59-year-old Byron Brown has made them think even more about steps they need to take to ensure their safety.

Early sunday morning, Brown was found dead in the driver's seat of his taxi cab at the intersection of Shelby Street and Munson Drive with a single gun shot wound to his head.

Sandy Mitchell, 22, was arrested for the crime Monday.

Now, some cab drivers say they are trying to avoid areas where they do not feel comfortable and do not take calls that are at strange times of the night.

"It makes me more cautious. That's why I don't go into certain areas that I used to go into. Just, I'm not going to let it stop me from letting me feed my family or take care of myself or take care of my family," said Timmy Vasquez, a driver for Warrior Cab.

"I have drivers out there in the streets also. It's a difficult job that he is performing. We just want to tell the family that we are sorry what happened," said Lewis Rodriguez, Owner of Special Ops. Taxi Cab.

Some taxi drivers also say they would like to have a better relationship and more communication with the Columbus Police Department.

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