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Court documents reveal kidnapped teen in DHR custody due to statutory rape investigation


Court documents associated with the kidnapping case of a 15-year-old are shedding more light on the girl's abduction as well as the reason why she was in DHR custody.

In the document, an affidavit filed by an F.B.I. agent states that on September 3, 2012 an employee at the Gold Point Circle North campground in Hixson, TN observed an adult male receiving oral sex from a young female that appeared to be a minor. Officers responded to the campsite and located the pair - they identified the man as 36-year-old Charles "Dean" Partin.

In the documents, the female is identified only as A.L.

Both Partin and A.L. originally told law enforcement that A.L. was 18-years-old and that she was a friend of the family. Officers then separated the two for individual interviews and the story changed.

A.L. admitted to officers that she was 15-years-old and that she was five months pregnant. She also added that Partin was her common-law stepfather.

Officers conducted a search of the vehicle, a Toyota registered to Julie Bethke, and found a sex toy. Both Partin and A.L. claimed the item belonged to the other person. Officers also found a hand-written note from Bethke, A.L. mother, giving guardianship of A.L. to Partin. The note was signed but not notarized.

A further search of the campsite revealed only one tent belonging to the pair with only one sleeping area set up for their use. Partin told officers early in the interview that he was on vacation with A.L.

Partin admitted to being A.L.'s common-law stepfather and said he originally lied about his relationship with A.L. because of her age and he was scared.

Officers collected consensual DNA samples from both Partin and A.L. Bethke was contacted at this time. She stated she could not travel to TN to take custody of A.L. so the teen was turned over to Tennessee Child Protective Services. TNCPS turned A.L. over to Alabama DHR on September 6. A.L. was to remain in ALDHR custody until a thorough investigation in to the sexual abuse charges against Partin could be conducted. During this investigation authorities received unsubstantiated information that Partin had been bragging at his place of employment that he was the father of A.L.'s baby.

The affidavit states A.L. remained in ALDHR custody until she was kidnapped from DHR custody during a doctor's appointment on September 16.

The agent states in the affidavit that an ALDHR employee escorted A.L. to an OBGYN clinic at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center around 1 p.m. on that day. While A.L. was filling out paperwork, the agent stated that Partin entered the clinic and ordered A.L. to get up. He then grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the waiting room and into the stairway.

The DHR worker observed Partin and A.L. getting into a blue Nissan van later linked to the case.

The affidavit states that a review of the security video taken from the medical center's lobby revealed that both Partin and Bethke entered the lobby just prior to the abduction. Bethke pointed out the elevator leading to the clinic to Partin, then exited the building while Partin traveled up to the clinic. After the abduction, Partin is seen walking quickly through the lobby and exiting the building. A.L. begins to run with Partin once they exited the building.

Subsequent investigations into Partin's whereabouts before the abduction led authorities to multiple homes of friends of the family. Investigators learned that Partin and Bethke had planned a six-step process to abduct A.L. A detailed list discovered explaining these steps is allegedly in Bethke's handwriting.

The affidavit states that this is probable cause to believe Charles Dean Partin kidnapped A.L. in violation of Alabama State Law.

Law enforcement officials caught up with Partin, Bethke and the girl as well as the girl's five siblings in a neighborhood near Cincinnati, Ohio on September 22. Partin has since been charged with kidnapping, Bethke is charged with interference with custody of a minor.

Tennessee authorities also state a warrant has been issued for Partin's arrest in TN for statutory rape.

To read the full court document CLICK HERE.

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