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Are you ready to vote?


We are still weeks away from the November General Election, but are you ready to cast your vote?

In a little less that a month, voters have a big decision make -- to re-elect President Barack Obama or to elect Mitt Romney as the next president of our country.

Either way you choose, Columbus voters we spoke with say voting is a right that everyone should take advantage.

"If you end up not voting, whether the guy you want in there is in there or not, you have no say. So, if you want to have a say I think definitely voting is your bid in that," said Forrest Davis.

However, you need to be prepared before the general election on November 6th.

In Georgia, you must be registered to vote by October 9. Advanced in-person voting is set to begin on October 15, but if you choose to mail in an absentee ballot, it needs be at your County Board of Registrar's Office before the close of business on Election Day.

In Alabama, the voter registration deadline is on October 26. The last day for a voter to make an application for an absentee ballot is November 1 and that absentee ballot must be hand-delivered or postmarked by November 5.

Remember for both states, you must have a valid photo ID to vote in person and before you do all of that, this voter asks you do one more thing.

"You need to do the research and do the legwork and figure out what these people's policies are before you make your vote," said Josh Flinn.

There are qualifications before you can register to vote: You must be a citizen of the United States, not be serving a sentence for conviction of a felony, have not be found mentally incompetent by a judge, and you must be 18 years old to vote.

The following is the link to the Georgia Secretary of State website:

The following is the link to the Alabama Secretary of State website:

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