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More deputies will patrol football game after possible shooting threat


A threat of a possible shooting at Friday night's Harris County High School football game has parents, administrators, and law enforcement on high alert.

"I'm not the only parent. It really concerned me when I was talking to another parent that works in the school system, she is keeping her child out and at home, and so, she opted to keep him at home also," said a parent who asked to remain anonymous.  

She is asking why the Harris County School District did not alert parents about a threat of a possible shooting at Friday's night's football game.

Superintendent Craig Dowling says he understands, but they did not want to raise concerns even more.

"As a parent, I would have liked to have known but experience and wisdom says the best way to handle this is as low key as possible. It is not trying to keep people uninformed. It is just to not have it look like its bigger than it really is," said Dowling.

Dowling says it all started after a fight on Tuesday between about half a dozen students. He says officials then found some online posts between the students and one post suggesting that there may be a shooting at the game.

"Those students have been suspended or if their involvement was further, they will be going to a tribunal, and we, in fact, found one student that is not a Harris County resident, and he has been withdrawn," said Dowling.

The superintendent says there will be more deputies at the game. He says the deputies will have pictures of all the suspended students to keep them from even coming on campus.

However, this mom says she, like some others, checked out her son early from school on Friday and is not sure when she will let him go back.

"He hasn't missed one day of school since school started. He wanted perfect attendance this year, but I decided to keep him home today. Now, I don't know when I am going to let him go back to school," said the parent.

Dowling says he expects attendance at the high school was lower than normal on Friday, but he said that it was a calm day at the school.

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