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House of Heroes renovates home of veteran's widow

For 12 years, House of Heroes has helped dozens of families all over Georgia. They've donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of home upgrades and repairs to veterans and their families.

Saturday, they took over the home of a Waverly Hall woman volunteers say deserve every act of kindness she is given.

Old ceiling fans, wheel barrels, and a dumpster full of debris were sprawled all over the yard of the small two bedroom home.

"It's going to have a whole new floor. It's going to have all new paint, all new carpet and the bathrooms fixed" Team captain Joe Horn said. "The landscaping has been done. I mean it's just incredible."

81 year-old widow, Lucie Moore shared the home with her late husband Sgt. Robert Moore for over two decades; unfortunately time has taken a toll on the home.

"The house flooded. She was visiting one of her family members and one of the pipes broke and water just went all across the floor and the whole floor warped. The carpet was original from 1982," said Horn.

Dozens of volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work painting, laying floors, and clearing the land.

Horn said he was simply doing for others what he would want done for his family.

"You're going to get me chocked up!  My dad spent 31 years in the Army and he's now passed away. I can't imagine my mom being without my dad and the house getting dilapidated. It would be great if someone like the House of Heroes and a great group of combat veterans helped her out," said Horn.

Moore's husband was a decorated veteran who served in the Republic of Korea.  He retired from the military after 20 years of service only to serve another 20 years as a Columbus police officer.

Volunteers tell us even though Moore was not on the front lines of war with her husband she has experienced it firsthand.

Moore spent time as a prisoner in a concentration camp in Germany when she was 13.  We're told she still has scars from being beaten by guards.

"A soldier doesn't make it through 20 years in the army without the family and the wife," Horn said.  Horn explained Moore became too emotional to stay while the work was being done. But she hugged and kissed as many people a she could, and thanked them for their kind gesture.

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