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Teen brings knife to school, mom says he's being bullied


A Columbus middle school student is in big trouble after pulling a weapon on a classmate.  His mother told News Leader 9, he was standing up to bullies but in the wrong way.

With a house arrest ankle bracelet strapped to his leg, 14 year-old Jayquan Lozano sat next to his mother who said she always wanted more for her children.

"I want them to learn from my experience, struggling to strive for them to have. I want them to do well in school and get a good education. I want them to succeed in life," said Jennifer Lozano.

Lozano is a mother of three boys, Jayquan is the oldest. She says her dreams for him are up in the air after he made a decision that could change his life.  Jayquan says he was in the bathroom at Eddy Middle School when he was assaulted by a bully.

"He came up to me and tried to hit me.  I backed up from him and told him to quit playing; he tried to hit me again. That's when I pulled out the knife and showed it to him; and I walked out of the bathroom."

Jayquan said he used a small black pocket knife to scare off the bully.  He said he's been harassed and bullied for more than a year.

"Sometimes, when I walk to school, I see some kids that I don't know and they mess with me; they try to take my stuff.  I took the knife with me so that I could protect myself. I didn't intend to hurt anybody. It was just in case they tried to come up to me and hurt me; I would show it to them so they could run away," Jayquan said.

Jayquan's mother said she believes he's picked on because of his disabilities.

"He's ADHD and he has a mild case of cerebral palsy. He's always been picked on since elementary school for his condition," said Lozano. "The kids call him a sissy because of how he holds his arm. It's not something he can help. It's just a disability he has."

Lozano says Jayquan also walks with a limp that draws scrutiny from classmates.

She became emotional when she began to talk about what her son has been going through.

"It bothers me just to know that my son is living in fear like that.  I don't think that any child should have to live in fear."

Jayquan said he didn't tell his mom about a lot of the bullying because the bullies threatened to beat him up, telling him nobody likes a snitch.  Jayquan was expelled from Eddy Middle School.

His mom says he has a court hearing coming up where he may have to attend Daniel Alternative School.

She says she plans to try to enroll him in another school.


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