Be There: learning about the Army

Be There: learning about the Army

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - They normally spend their days training to keep our country safe, but on Wednesday, some Fort Benning soldiers spent time teaching local kids what it means to be in the Army.

From learning first aid to learning what it is like inside an armored security vehicle, the 6th graders from Blackmon Road Middle School spent the day learning what it is like to be a soldier on Fort Benning.

"I've learned what types of weapons they use, what they do in their vehicles, and stuff," said 6th grade student Brody Snipes.

The Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division is a partner in education with the school and wanted to bring the students out so they could get a hands-on experience outside of the classroom.

"They are always in the classroom. They are always getting, you know, the mathematics portion, the English portion, the history portion, but bringing them down here today is a different reality," said Lieutenant Robert Perez-Alemany.

"I'm pretty sure not everyone has a parent in the military. So, kids who don't get to experience things like that they get a chance to come out and see what the Army, the military is like," said 6th grade student Cameron Leon.

For some of the students, it means a chance to learn more about their dream job.

"Maybe when I get older I might want to join the Army because my mom used to be in the Army. So, she liked it and I wanted to join too," said Brianna Bledsoe, a 6th grade student.

Blackmon Road Middle School Principal Marty Richburg says some of the students may have some questions about the Army. He encourages parents to take the chance to talk to them about how much of a difference these soldiers make.

"It is a great time to talk about history, and what our country has gone through to develop some of that pride. When we stand up to say the Pledge of Allegiance, hopefully after today, it will mean a little bit more for these kids," said Richburg.

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