House arrest student avoids alternative school

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In August, News Leader 9 told you about a Midland Middle School student who was placed on house arrest after a knife fell out of his book while in class.

Chandler Griggs claimed it was an innocent mistake, but the Muscogee County School District followed the rules outlined in the student behavioral handbook.

Chandler was removed from school and arrested pending a tribunal and told he would be required to attend the alternative school for nearly 40 days.

Chandler's father, Trae Griggs, says his son is back at Midland Middle.  A judge dropped the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor and Chandler didn't have to attend the alternative school, which was a big issue for his parents, since Chandler is a good student with a clean record, according to his father.

When the incident happened, Chandler told us he used the pocket knife as a bookmark while doing homework late on a Sunday night following a long day of playing travel baseball. Chandler maintained he forgot the knife was in the book until it fell out in class the next morning.

He still has to attend disciplinary classes once a week. It's unclear how long the classes will last.  But for now, life is somewhat back to normal for the 13-year-old whose parents felt like their son was being treated like a criminal. Of course, the school district deals with the disciplinary actions---not the criminal side.

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