WTVM 10/4/2012 Editorial: Clearing Tony Carr’s Name

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's been a year since the robbery of the MEA Federal Credit Union and the Columbus police shooting that left two men dead.

The DA continues to investigate the circumstances of the shooting to determine if it was justified. In the meantime, important questions linger about Tony Carr, one of the men killed that day.

We understand that these types of investigations take time, but if we know Tony Carr was an innocent bystander as his family and many others have maintained all along, it's time for the DA to say that.

Police and the DA have not said yet on-the-record that Carr is innocent.

We do know, the Fort Benning firefighter had come home to let his dog out. That's when the robber - who ran from the credit union on foot, saw Carr, jumped into his truck. Moments later, both men were dead.

We understand that police officers have a dangerous job and we fully support a full investigation into this tragedy...but Tony Carr's family, who lost their loved one, also continue to face lingering questions about Carr's reputation.

No one can bring Carr back, but if his only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that is known by investigators then they should give him and his family the respect of clearing his name, and doing it now.

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