Auburn University students react to presidential debate

Auburn University students react to presidential debate

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Political experts following the presidential campaign believe that the youth vote will make or break the election for either candidate.

News Leader 9's Annie Hubbell attended a viewing party on Auburn University's campus Wednesday night.

Encouraging young voters to go to the polls and cast a ballot for their candidate is a key priority of both political party camps as Election Day fast approaches.

Auburn University held a debate viewing party hosted by the members of the College Democrats and College Republicans. Many students showed up to the event and listened carefully to what each candidate had to say.

They know their vote is crucial because the decisions made in the next four years will affect their generation directly.

"It's extremely important the decisions that are made today are going to affect youth most," said Jacob Dean, President of the College Democrats. "The decisions that are made during this next four years are going to affect us because we are going to live the longest, we're going to be the ones to pay for the repercussions of the decisions."

Students who attended the viewing party also told us that they do believe the youth vote will be just as critical in this election as it was in 2008, and strongly encourage every young person to let their voice be heard.

Overall, the younger generation is enthusiastic and can drive the direction of this country through this upcoming election.

Remember, young or old, the deadline to register to vote is ten days before the November 6 election.

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