Sports Overtime and Tonight's Top Stories Ahead at 11

Good Friday Evening it's Barbara Gauthier in the WTVM Newsroom.  Hope you'll join us tonight at 11. Sports Leader 9's Dave Platta will have Sports Overtime with all your highlights, scores ad more from tonight's high school football games.

There's lots of news happening tonight as well. We'll have more on a fourth sexual assault reported in Columbus in just a few days.  We'll tell you where they happened and whether or not police think they may be connected.

Also, a Chattahoochee County grand jury has indicted a man on murder charges for the deaths of a Cusseta couple more than a year ago, now the district attorney must decide if prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

And thousands of folks are in Columbus for one of the city's biggest sporting events.  The Tuskegee - Morehouse Football Classic kicks off tomorrow afternoon, but tonight the tailgating is underway.

Hope to see you in about an hour for WTVM News Leader 9 at 11.