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Columbus family pleads for help catching a killer


It's been almost a decade since a Phenix City man was shot to death on his way to work.  The victim's family has put in countless hours to get nationwide attention to their story.

On September 26th 2003, 32 year-old Eric Nelams was shot multiple times outside his home in the Carpenters Way Subdivision in Phenix City.

"Just his smile and his demeanor.  I've never really seen my brother out of his element and that's really hard to say about somebody that you grew up with," victims' sister Cathy Nelams said.

For the Nelams family talking about Eric was very emotional but they said what's even more painful is not knowing who took his life.

"Since his murder 9 years ago, our goal has been to  bring whatever exposure we can to highlight that there is a murder that's unsolved and there was a life that was taken," Cathy Nelams said.

To gain exposure, they're taking advantage of social media.  They've created a twitter page. Most of the tweets are asking for information and few are retweets of resilience.

Like one by entrepreneur Russell Simmons, "When we meet real tragedy in life, We can react either by losing hope or by using the challenge to find our inner strength."

Eric's big sister Cathy says she hasn't lost hope, nor her drive to find his killer.

"I've written in to Americas Most Wanted, 48 hours, and Nancy Grace," said Nelams.  "Through my persistence, together we wrote a letter to the [former] Governor of Alabama, [Bob Riley] to request additional funds be issued as far as a reward."

Former Alabama Governor Bob Riley heard the families pleas for help.  He's offering an extra $5,000 to anyone who may be able to give information that would lead to an arrest; making the reward $6,000.

"They may believe that they got away with it, but they did not.  God sees everything and eventually what's done in the dark, will come to light. That's my hope," Nelums said.

Cathy wants us to reiterate that it's important to remember that no matter how small you think a detail is, it could be just what police need to solve a crime.

If you have any details about Eric Nelam's murder please call Phenix City Police at 334-448-2836.     

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