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Soldiers return home after year long deployment


A group of soldiers reunited with their families at Fort Benning Sunday.  When a soldier heads off to war, most of the time, they say their main mission is to do their job and come home.

"The hard parts are with the families back at home. We pick up, we move, we're focused on one job one mission," Major General Wayne Brock said. "Hat's off to the families and the resiliency of the Army community to be able to make sure that they keep us moving forward and keep us happy overseas."

Some say keeping soldiers happy a lot of times means keeping in touch.  What use to be pen to paper is now fingers to keyboard. Thanks to units like the 335th Signal Command (Theater) deployed soldiers can be reached.

"My husband is coming home today.  We are so excited.  When he left, I was pregnant and my oldest one, Jeffery, he just started school this year," said Columbus mom Chastity Mays.

Mays' husband Staff Sergeant Jeffery Mays came home with 40 other members of detachment groups 30 and 31.

They've been deployed a year, providing vital communications for service members between Kuwait and Afghanistan.

"We were bringing in major communication systems and satellite systems to put better communication systems in for the troops that are on the ground," Lieutenant Colonel Ray Kearns said.

It's the second deployment Mays has went through with her husband. She said it was pretty easy because she has family near by but there's also three small reasons she's very excited her husband is home.

"I'm excited!  Not only for him to be home and safe but to help [with the kids]. "The couple has been married for six years and has three small children together.

Ssg. Mays was able to come home for his youngest child's birth but quickly returned overseas to his duties.

Five months later, he gets to hold her in his arms again. The unit never seems to slow down.

A Representative said they go on "enduring missions." They say they've had troops in South West Asia since 1993.

The projects that they worked on during this deployment will be commercialized and turned over to the Afghanis to run once the soldiers leave.

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