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Some concerned for pedestrians around Manchester Expressway


Days after a young woman died after trying to cross a busy roadway in Columbus, people who work around Manchester Expressway are concerned about the safety of other pedestrians.

It's no secret Manchester Expressway is a busy road in Columbus, but now, some consider it more dangerous after officials say 23-year-old Amber Salter died on Saturday after being hit by a car while she was trying to cross the street last week.

"I feel really bad for their families that they suffered that kind of a loss for something as silly as crossing the street," said Leslie Solorzano, who works near the scene of the accident.

Solorzano said she sees people crossing in the same spot multiple times during the day.

"It's very scary and shocking as well," said Solorzano. "People don't think, they don't realize how much traffic flows northbound, southbound on Manchester—a very, very busy three-lane highway."

Two weeks ago, another pedestrian also was hit by a car on Manchester Expressway. Other accidents on record revealed one person died while crossing this roadway in 2007 and another woman was injured while walking alongside the road in 2009.

"[I see] five to ten people a day who might cross the street while I'm here that may cross the street," said Jesse Simpson, who also works in the area.

Simpson admitted he has crossed the street where there is not a crosswalk. He said despite the recent accidents, he and others will probably continue.

"There are six lanes of traffic," Simpson said. "You've got three lanes eastbound and three lanes westbound. Just be prepared to run."

One person we saw crossing the street said she would continue to jaywalk across Manchester Expressway because it was too far to the nearest crosswalk.

However, some people in the area want to put an end to people crossing in the middle of the road.

"I think maybe we should enforce jaywalking a little stronger and let people realize you know that you can get killed out here crossing a street that you may not feel is very crowded, but it is," said Solorzano.

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