LaFayette police chief says death still being investigated; not covered up

LAFAYETTE, AL (WTVM) - LaFayette's police chief is speaking out against allegations his department is covering up the death of a 37-year old man, in an effort to protect four young black men.

The man died Sunday morning at the East Alabama Medical Center, several hours after getting into a fight with the four young men at a gas station.

Chief Kenny Vines said there is no cover up and hopes releasing two videos of the fight this week to the public will clear up any confusion. Chief Vines asked our own News Leader 9's Elizabeth White to look at the two videos. 
Elizabeth reports the first video police showed to her Tuesday is of 37-year-old Kevin Brown after the fight Saturday night at the Circle K. Brown is the man who died the next morning at EAMC while awaiting foot surgery. The video is from a lapel camera worn by a police officer.
Brown appears to be alert and speaking with police.  His face is not bleeding or cut, but you can tell his leg is hurt. You do hear Brown tell police he does not want to press charges. You hear him use a racial slur, the n-word, and make threats against the group of men he just fought. 
The second video shows the fight from a camera mounted inside the store and looks out to the parking lot through the widows. The video appears to show Mr. Brown acting as the aggressor. Brown gets physical first by pushing one of the men. Mr. Brown is then hit back by and falls over a car. Brown stays on the ground and the men leave. In all, the fight lasts about 30 seconds. 
Mr. Brown died the next morning at EAMC just before he was about to have surgery on his foot. Chief Bines says the district attorney and detectives are waiting on autopsy and toxicology reports before deciding if charges need to be filed. Those reports should be back this week. Vines says both videos will be released to the public on Friday. News Leader 9 will show them to you when they are made public.  

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