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Teen kicked out of mall, arrested; mom wants charges dropped


A local mother is asking that criminal charges be dropped against her teen daughter. Over the weekend, Patricia Burke's daughter was arrested for disorderly conduct after being asked to leave Peach Tree Mall for wearing inappropriate clothing.

Burke's 17-year-old daughter Jasmine Colquitt was with friends when they were all approached by a mall security guard and told their clothes were inappropriate and not allowed in the mall.

"I started to ask him if this is in the handbook and if I could talk to the mall supervisor or somebody... I wanted to know why, why am I been flagged down....If I am inappropriately dressed can you show me in the handbook," said Jasmine.

Jasmine told News Leader 9 that she and friends were singled out because of the short shorts they were wearing. She says Columbus police officers came over next and she continued to ask about the mall's dress code.

"As I'm in the middle of asking her a questions she tells her male partner to put the cuffs on me. I ended up going to jail and I was in handcuffs and shackles and I ended up getting two counts of disorderly conduct," Jasmine said.

"She didn't bodily harm anyone, she didn't make a scene, they made the scene by starting the whole thing out," Jasmine's mother Patricia Burke said.

Columbus Police say that the officers were called to assist mall security with the incident but did not give any specific details about Jasmine's arrest. We reached out to Peachtree Mall and they declined to comment on the incident, except to say the goal at the mall is to "create a family-friendly shopping environment."

For Patricia Burke, she says a simple statement from mall management can't repair her daughter being humiliated. She is hoping to get the charges dropped and her daughter can move on with her ambitions to attend college.

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