WTVM 10/10/12 Editorial: Delays in Harvey Updyke’s trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Let's take you back to the Iron Bowl 2010.

After Auburn's home win over Alabama, someone poisoned the revered oaks on Toomer's Corner.

Now nearly two years later, Harvey Updyke Jr. - the Crimson Tide fan accused of poisoning those trees - has still not been found guilty or innocent.

His trial has been delayed twice! That has a lot of people around here frustrated.

Updyke seems to be hanging on much better than the dying trees in downtown Auburn. For now, his case is on hold indefinitely.

Back in June, Updyke's trial was ended during jury selection because the suspect was quoted in Auburn's student newspaper admitting to the poisoning.

Change of venue is also up in the air, while four defense attorneys have withdrawn from the case.

The latest delay came in the last few weeks, when Updyke voluntarily submitted to psychiatric tests.

We're told this testing at the state mental facility could take months, even years, casting new doubt on when Updyke will be on trial.

As excuses mount and as time goes by, will people just forget about the poisoning on Toomer's Corner?

The justice system seems to be dragging their feet and we're calling a "delay of game."

It's time to let a jury decide Updyke's fate...sooner rather than later.

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