Be There: applying to college and staying calm

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It can be one of the most stressful times for some teenagers and their parents: college application time.

"I want to go to Valdosta State University and I would like to be a nurse, a nurse practitioner and major in nursing," said Carver High School senior Kiera Franklin.

Franklin says getting ready for college can be an exciting time for high school students, but for many it is also overwhelming.

"It is about time management because a lot of things you have to do like taking ACTs and writing essays and filling out applications," said Franklin.

Trying to decide what school to attend, when to apply, and how to pay for it all can almost seem like too much at times for students and their parents.

Trikella Nelson, director of Counseling and Guidance at Columbus High School, says you need to start early to keep anxiety away. She says juniors in high school should be researching colleges throughout the year; that way, they are ready to apply in their senior year.

"It is not waiting until the last minute to meet those deadlines. That's when the stress and the anxiety usually comes into play as well as when they haven't prepped, they haven't prepared and gotten ready for an application," said Nelson.

Nelson also says parents need to be realistic with their kids about a budget.

"[Parents should be] really open about finances in terms of how we are going to finance college. Are we looking to get strictly scholarships or are we going for the Hope scholarship," said Nelson.

Finally, one of the best ways to beat stress is to apply to at least three schools.

"If that one school that they were going for, their number one school, for some reason they didn't make it in, they have a plan B," said Nelson.

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