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Collar family attorney: 'Nothing we saw justified the use of deadly force.'


Attorneys for the family of Gil Collar, the student shot and killed early Saturday morning by a University of South Alabama security guard, have now seen the security footage of the incident that left the 18-year-old dead. The family opted not to view the footage.

Jere Beasley, attorney for the family and member of the Beasley Allen Law Firm, told the media in a press conference Thursday morning, "Nothing in the videotape - which doesn't include the actual shooting - appears to justify the use of deadly force when other methods were available to the officer."

Beasley explained that the law firm has obtained the services of independent investigators who are in Mobile now speaking to witnesses and looking over the facts to come up with their own conclusion about what happened that day.

"It's significant that no contact ever occurred between Gil and the officer," said Beasley. "The officer doesn't appear to have ever been in danger."

Beasley told reporters that the closest the officer ever got to the 5'7" 140 pound naked 18-year-old was a distance of four feet.

Investigators say Collar had taken LSD at a music festival in Mobile that day and say he was in the middle of a "drug-induced meltdown" when he showed up at the campus police station and started banging on the glass. Attorneys for the family say there is no certainty that Gil was on LSD - that conclusion was made by investigators. They say toxicology reports from Collar's autopsy won't be available for another two to three weeks.

"It's very clear [Gil] was in distress for some reason," Beasley told the reporters that the tape showed Gil, clearly naked and sweating profusely at the time of the incident. He added that when the security officer exited the police station, his gun was already unholstered and in his hand, but pointed down.

Media members will be shown footage of the incident in Mobile on Thursday afternoon. It is important to note that the footage does not include the moment when Collar is shot, nor does it include audio. Beasley added that anyone watching the video can't hear the exchange between the officer and Collar.

The footage will not be made available to the public.

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