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Man accused of attacking Columbus Tech student appears in court


It is a case that has had some Columbus Technical College students thinking more about their safety on campus--a man says he was attacked by someone with on campus.

A suspect is facing charges, but it has made many think about their safety at school.

29-year-old Herman Hall entered into a plea of not guilty for his charges in Recorder's Court Thursday afternoon.

Despite an arrest in the case, some Columbus Tech students say they are thinking more about their safety at school.

"It's made me more aware of my surroundings now when I am walking around campus I am making sure that I'm not by myself or if I can't be by myself I go straight to my car and go home," said Columbus Tech student Shelby Bolton.

Columbus police say the victim told them someone assaulted him with a bat while he was at his car in a parking lot at 9:00a.m. on September 26th. The alleged attack left him with three broken fingers and stitches on the top of his head.

Police believe the victim and suspect did know one another and might have been together only hours before the crime.

Reportedly, Hall told police the victim stole his rent money from him, but the victim stated he did not know why he was attacked.

"I tend to watch my back a lot. When I walk around, I always know my surroundings. So, If I see somebody being a little sketchy, I will just you know kind of hurry up to my car or have my cell phone so if I need to dial 911, I am ready," said Columbus Tech student Matt Short.

We asked Columbus Tech police how something like this could happen on campus during what would seem like a busy time of day.

"Crime occurs at any time. There is not set time. We're just lucky that even though he received some injuries it wasn't to the extent that required any kind of hospitalization. He did go to the ER, was treated there and was released," said Capt. Thomas Mitchell.

The victim in this case did not wish to talk with us about the incident.

As for Hall, he is being held on a $50,000 bond for an aggravated battery charge and $35,000 for  a robbery charge.

Columbus Tech police worked with Columbus police on this case and say this is one of the first big cases they've had since their formation this summer.

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