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Local candidates, party supporters, gather to watch V.P. debate


The stakes were higher than usual in Danville, Kentucky as Joe Biden and Paul Ryan engaged in their first and only debate this season. Interested viewers spanned the country, including those in the Chattahoochee Valley.

Raised expectations for both sides have made this one of the most important vice presidential debates in recent memory. Some of the people in our area gathered at their local party headquarters to watch how the two running mates would fair in a head to head match. Some of the candidates in local elections were on hand to share their opinions about the debate.

"He relates extremely well to the average person and those who make less than $50,000 a year and that is how he's gotten in the position that he's in right now," said Danny Arencibia, republican nominee for state house of representatives.

"Biden is looking good, I think he's very confident about his answers. I think he's been very knowledgeable in what he's said so far and it's good that he reiterated: facts matter," said Ed Harbison, Georgia state senator.

Harbison added the debates are important for swaying independent and undecided voters. According to recent polls there are less people who have made up their mind for this election than originally forecast.

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