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Families welcome home Columbus National Guard unit


Hundreds of families cheered, cried, and waved tiny American flags awaiting the arrival of their hero. The anticipation almost blew the roof off of Freedom Hall at Fort Benning. 

"Everybody is filled with anxiety and excitement; we're just so ready for them to be home it's been a long 10 months and 6 month train-up.  We're just ready for them to come home," Joyelle Torns, said...a mother of 5.           

125 soldiers in the 648th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade touched down at Fort Benning around 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning with smiles on their faces and pep in their step.

Brigade Commander Andy Hall described his unit as unique, fun, and energetic. The soldiers spent almost a year in Afghanistan providing security, training, and all around support to 8 U.S. bases in Province, Kabul.

"I can't wait [get home]! Being a parent, being gone and being in a relationship, it's hard on everybody but the children take it the hardest."      

Sergeant Marcel Nalls joined the military 13 years ago and has 5 children with Torns. Torns says the time did not pass with ease, in fact, Murphy's Law came to visit when Nalls went off to war.

"It's been rough; everything that could break, broke [including] the washing machine and the car."

Nalls explained his job as an infantrymen protecting the commander from harm, did not compare to what he did just a month ago.

"Any woman that can hold on for a deployment, stay true, take care of home, and be in the military herself, that's the one."

Sergeant Nalls proposed to Torns while deployed using the popular internet calling website, Skype.

"I got to see her face, I got to see the expressions. I got to see the kids doing things. Even though I wasn't there, it was like I was there."

Sergeant Nalls is reunited with his family and we're happy to report every soldier that left with him a year ago returned home to their families as well.

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