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Cheaper ways to get dental work done without insurance


Dental work is expensive, but there are ways to keep your smile shining brightly without breaking the bank - and without insurance.

A trip to the dentist office can cost big bucks depending on the procedure, but joining dental clubs on the Internet that offer discounts through insurance companies can save you from dishing out a lot of dough. 

Natasha Banks is the office manager at Patterson Dental Group and said, "The discount plan actually gives them 15 to 50% off of our usual and customary fees so they in turn save money."

Banks said patients use web sites like,, and

They pay a yearly membership, typically between $75 and $200 and then save on special services and regular cleanings.

She said, "Lets just say they came in with no insurance for a regular cleaning your looking at about $300 out of pocket versus a person with insurance plan is $75 or $80."

According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 97% of dental insurance benefits are offered through employers.

That can be tough for people out of work or on a fixed income and that's why they turn to the clubs that can save them 10 to 60%.

Shana Roberts, who is the receptionist at Patterson Dental Group, commented that people sometimes combine their insurance with the club discount to save even more cash.

Roberts said, "So therefore they have to purchase a discount plan to give them a even bigger break."

It's not just dental checkups either, cosmetic procedures, or hedonic work and bonus discounts like for hearing loss are also available.

Make sure to check the numbers and plans before you buy one because they aren't right for everyone.

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