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Man dies following overnight car crash


A smashed fence and broken street signs are all that's left of a car wreck that took a man's life early Tuesday morning.

Police say 54-year-old Isiah Terry was driving eastbound on Forrest Road, and continued to drive straight when the road curved to the right.

He struck a stop sign and hit a utility pole, causing the car to spin and crash into a fence.

Sonny Milano heard the crash from his house nearby and rushed to the rescue.

"I don't believe I am a hero," Milano said. "I was just doing something that any normal human would do for another human, you know, we're all brothers and sisters."

Milano told News Leader 9 he forced his way through the fence to get to the driver. He tried to wake Terry up and listened for a heartbeat, hoping to see some signs of life.

"I was just trying to do what I can, I just want him to say... ‘I'm good,' that's all I was waiting for him to say, okay, at least move your fingers... something," said Milano.

EMS came shortly after to take the driver to the hospital. officials tell us that he was unresponsive at the time. He was transported to St. Francis, but died shortly after.

Milano explains that even though he did all that he could, it doesn't take away his feelings of sadness.

"It's hard, it's just hard, I just saw the man three or four hours ago, and now he's dead," Milano said. "How else are you going to feel? Trying to save someone and he's dead."

Terry's body will be transported to Atlanta Tuesday to have an autopsy preformed, hopefully revealing the cause of the crash.

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