Gun safety as hunting season nears

Gun safety as hunting season nears

(WTVM) - Saturday is expected to be the busiest hunting day of the year in Georgia as firearms deer season open.

State officials urge you not only to practice gun safety in the woods but also in your home.

They say make sure that kids can't get a hold of any gun that's been brought out for hunting in order to prevent unintentional firearm injuries or even death.

One ranger says gun locks are a good idea, but hide the keys.

"Keep the guns and the ammunition in separate places," said John Penuel of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. "In the event the kids find one or not the other, you possibly could prevent a bad situation."

The Department of Human Services say guns account for a large percentage of the injuries and deaths to Georgia's children in their own homes, which is why they're stressing gun safety.

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